Tim Ferriss Says 1 Decision Separates Successful People From Those Who Fear to Dream

January 8, 2019

Tim Ferriss wasn’t always the wildly successful Tim Ferriss. (I should know; I knew him before he became widely known as an author, entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and podcaster extraordinaire.)

Ferriss had huge goals. He had big dreams.

And he was also afraid.

Success, especially when you’re trying to achieve a huge goal, doesn’t come easily. Often the things you most need to do if you want to be successful — the things you must ask, say, try, and risk — are also the scariest things you need to do.

That’s why we often avoid thinking about things that scare us. And is why we often fail to do the things that scare us.

And is why we often fail to achieve the success we dream of.

So how do you get past the anxiety, worry, and fear, and actually do the things you need to do to be successful?

According to Ferriss, the first decision you need to make is that you will stop avoiding and start thinking — hard — about the things that scare you.

How? Follow Tim’s “fear setting” process.